Gifted and Talented

We believe that children who are gifted and talented should be continuously and suitably challenged. Their learning is extended both within and outside the classroom. They are able to work with other schools on a number of G&T projects, such as: art residentials; sporting events; puzzle days and history and science workshops.

Gifted and Talented Maths Programming with Rokeby

Since October, North Beckton has been working closely with Rokeby to extend Year 5 and 6 Gifted and Talented pupils in Maths and Computing. A small group of twelve pupils have attended hourly long sessions every Thursday. For the first half term Mr Milki, Head of Computing at Rokeby, came to North Beckton and taught challenging sessions which the children thoroughly enjoyed. The children took part in a range of challenges including extending their Maths as well as combing it with computing and programming. The children were even asked to complete home learning which allowed them to continue to be challenged throughout the week after sessions had taken place.

Following a class survey, in which results showed the pupils loved the sessions, we decided that the next half term would take place at Rokeby. This has allowed them to have access to a range of resources that North Beckton do not provide. Pupils have looked at different coding programmes, other than Scratch and so have had to learn how to read different equations and change them in order to be successful. This has challenged them and allowed them to work as a team.

Our aim now is to continue the project throughout the rest of this academic year by continuing to work with Year 5/6 until February half term and then working with Year 3/4 at both North Beckton and Rokeby. Hopefully the collaboration with Rokeby will continue into the new academic year, with the hope of support in other subjects as well as Maths and Computing.



Work Week

North Beckton Primary School took part in Work Week from 18th – 22nd January 2016. This was the school’s first Work Week and all pupils from Nursery to Year 6 participated.  They were given the opportunity to:

  • Develop their awareness of the world of work, work-related concepts and vocabulary
  • Learn about a variety of occupations and roles
  • Make links between learning in school and success in adult life
  • Increase their understanding of why people earn and save money
  • Develop a sense of responsibility and their skills for co-operation, enterprise and problem solving

In addition to this we also hosted 2 successful parent employability workshops to support our parents and carers with CV writing, interviews and targeted help towards accessing employment.


Burnet News Club

Currently 25 pupils in year 5 participate in the Burnet News Club. The Burnet News Club is a network of school news clubs that helps young people think critically about current affairs and make their voices heard. Following last year’s successful participation in the Burnet News Club (having achieved 1st position in the club), it was decided to continue to offer the club to the current year 5 pupils. This is progressing at a good pace through the weekly sessions and independent blogging time.  Through the club, pupils are developing their logic, critical thinking, social, persuasive and literary skills.

Brilliant Club

24 pupils from Year 6, who were identified as being gifted & talented across a range of subjects, have been taking part in The Brilliant Club Scholars Programme. The programme started with a launch trip to Cambridge University, this was followed up with in-school seminar sessions with PhD tutors who helped the pupils prepare for the submission of university style assignments. Pupils then received their awards at a graduation event at King’s College London. As well as celebrating the pupils’ successes, the programme will also give them the opportunity to discuss their options in regards to applying to a university later in their education.

Chess Club

As Chess is well known to promote a range of skills such as logic, problem solving, concentration etc. we have very recently started an afterschool Chess club in years 3, 4 & 5.

The Mighty Write Competition

Pobble is an online literacy tool that we are trialling in years 2 and 4.  To highlight the talented writers in our school we have given pupils the opportunity to take part in this writing competition and get their writing published to a worldwide audience.  Prizes include; signed books and video messages from top Penguin authors!

‘Count on us’ maths challenge club

Year 4 pupils will be taking part in this pan-London maths tournament based on shape puzzles, number games and code breaking challenges.  The aim of this challenge is to improve confidence in arithmetic and problem solving skills through games. One of our year 4 teachers has attended training and will lead our school team through the heats and if successful the final for top London schools.

Twelfth Night performance

In March, 20 of our year 5 pupils will be given the opportunity to attend a full-scale performance of Twelfth Night at the Globe theatre.  This production was created specifically for young people and was great cultural and learning experience.






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