Resource Base

Pupils who attend the school as part of the resource provision do so alongside their mainstream peers. We have 12 spaces for Resource Based (RB) children who have Profound, and Multiple Learning Difficulties (PMLD). Pupils are included in all aspects of school life. The pupils learn through a variety of fun, exciting and stimulating activities. Some of the children in the resource base have an Education Health Care Plan (EHCP).

Pupils in the resource base have a variety of needs which affect their ability to gain access to the National Curriculum in the same way as their classmates. Additional teaching and ancillary staff are employed by the school to support learning access to all aspects of school life. A wide range of specialist support staff visit the school on a daily or weekly basis, these professionals provide specialist teaching as well as advice to school based staff, on a variety of different areas of need. Many of these children travel to and from school by transport facilities

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