In KS1 and KS2 pupils are awarded team points throughout the day for: good work, being kind to their friends, being respectful, and listening well, among many other things.  At the end of the week the team points are added up to see which team has the most points.

In Foundation Stage pupils are rewarded with praise and sometimes with a special sticker.

In nursery pupils have the opportunity to take home the nursery key worker animal. They get to look after the toy over the weekend and take some pictures of their adventures to stick in the key worker animal’s special book.

In reception the star of the week (the pupil who has tried really hard and followed the class rules) gets to take the class toy home to look after over the weekend.  They can write about their adventures in the special book and put in a photo.

Achievement Assembly

Every Friday the whole school comes together for a special achievement assembly. Classes receive awards for best attendance, punctuality and remembering to bring their P.E kit. We think these assemblies are vital not only to celebrate the best class but for children to really understand how important it is to be in school and on time.

In the assembly two classes, one from FS/KS1 and one from KS2, are awarded the special attendance trophy, which they keep in their class for a whole week. A special certificate is placed on their class door to inform all the parents.

There is also a special certificate for the class who has the least number of lates.

Finally there is an award for the class who has remembered all their P.E kits.

Gold, Silver and Bronze Achievement Assembly

Achievments.jpgWe take great pride in celebrating pupil's achievements, hardworking and good behaviour, therefore we feel our gold, silver and bronze achievement assembly is a vital part of the school year, so much so we celebrate it twice a year!

In this assembly bronze silver and gold certificates are awarded for pupils with the most team points in their class. Parents are invited and their class teacher talks about why they have managed to achieve this. Pupils who achieve the gold award get to plan and go on a special trip together. Pupils who achieve silver are awarded a book and the bronze winners a North Beckton pen.

Click on a frame below to see who has achieved certificates!

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