Geography Days 2016

Nursery took a tour around our school and spent a lot of their day in the Forest Schools area. They used a map of the forest school to find different equipment. After that they linked their learning to Maths and created the equipment using their knowledge of shapes.


Reception went to our local park, in which they looked at the physical features such as the playground, the hills, the trees and the café.

Year 1 went to Newham City Farm. Before visiting they explored the history of the farm, how long it had been there and how it was built. They then applied this to their journey when looking at the local area.

Year 2 went on the Emirates Cable Cars. They were able to get a bird’s eye view of the North Greenwich Peninsula. They then used their senses to describe this, as well as, looking at provision for children in the local area.

Year 3 went to Canary Wharf, were they were lucky enough to be met by some corporate volunteers, from Morgan Stanley, who knew the area particularly well.  They looked at various sculptures on their tour of the area, as well as, conducting a land use survey.

Year 4 went to the O2. They looked at a combination of physical features, by talking about the structure of the building and carrying out a floor plan, and human features. The children carried out a survey of how many people passed through North Greenwich station between a certain time periods. They also used Digimaps to plan their route to the arena, looked at the area in the 1890’s and carried out a seating plan on their tube carriage.

Year 5 went to Victoria Park. Here they explored the route to take in order to arrive there safely, as well as, a range of human and physical features. On their return, Year 5 linked their learning to English by writing diary entries of their day using their senses.

Year 6 will carry out their geography day after SATs.

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