School Council

Our School Council is made up of 27 children. Each of the classes from Year 2 to 6 voted for a boy and a girl to be their class representatives. These children have a very important role to play in the school. These are some of the things they do:

  • They meet regularly to discuss how to improve the school so that it is a happy and safe place for everyone to be. They talk to their classes and find out any problems the children may have at school or things they want to change in the school. These things are recorded in the class School Council books and then shared at our meetings. As a whole council, we discuss the issues and then try to think of solutions.
  • Sometimes we have visitors to our school and then it is the School Council's responsibility to make the visitors feel welcome, to show them around and to help them during their visit.
  • During the year the School Council choose some local, national and global charities to support. They vote on how to raise money for these charities through activities that are fun for everyone to get involved with.

Our Current School Councillors are...

  • W2C    Karolina Eimontaite and Kristian Petkov
  • W2S    Alfie Seaton and Zareen Vahora
  • W2N    Anwulikaego Obi and Dominykas Damulevicius
  • W3M   Nabil Haris and Lina Muhith
  • W3R    Alvaro Gonzalez and Ilsa Iqbal
  • W3      Deimante Dolgaliovaite and Brandon Ngata
  • W4D    Abdul Hameed, Sabah Ahmed and Affan Naveed
  • W4A    Gabriel Sajewicz and Charley Wells
  • W4S    Victoria Gutova and Abbas Amersy
  • W5W   Nojus Razgunes and Rima Bachrouch
  • W5G    Rokeya Khan and Bogdan Zagayko
  • S6D     Yusuf Shahzad and Aleksandra Retkowska
  • S6B     Darrell Koffi and Giulia Pian

In September, the School Council have worked together to create a whole school Harvest Assembly. There were many jobs to do to ensure that the Harvest Celebration was successful. Firstly the councillors had to encourage everyone to bring in food or money to give to the Food Bank at St Marks. On the Harvest Day, some councillors displayed the food on the stage for the assembly. Then all 27 of them took part in the assembly in front of their parents. Afterwards the school councillors packed up the donations ready to be taken to St Marks. It was a great success and the first big achievement for our new school councillors.

In October we decided that we would like to liven up the school dinners by choosing some special dinner days to have through the year. We talked to our classes and then chose the most popular ones.

The winning days are Easter 21 votes, African 21 votes, American 32 votes and Italian 83 votes.

Here is a sneak preview of some of the food you will be enjoying for your school dinner!


Jollof rice and chicken on Thursday 24th November for African Day.



    Lasagne on Thursday 2nd February for Italian Day.  



Veggie hot dogs on Tuesday 4th July for American Independence Day.

We hope that you will be licking your lips just like we are at the thought of enjoying this lovely food.




It is now November and we are eagerly awaiting our fundraising event for Children in Need on Friday 18th November.




We are selling Children in Need wristbands on 15th, 16th and 17th November at break time so if you want one please bring in £1.

We are putting up posters, sending home letters and talking to our classes about dressing up in spotty clothes, choosing a DVD for the cinema afternoon and most importantly thinking about the children who need our help and raising as much money as possible.

We hope that everyone will join in, adults included!


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