At North Beckton Primary School we recognise how displays influences a child’s learning and their behaviour. Displays both reflect and influence the ethos of the individual classrooms and the school as a whole. Where appropriate, displays will reflect the multicultural diversity of our school.

Work displayed around the school are for the following reasons:

  • to celebrate learning achievement and effort
  • to focus on and value pupil’s work engendering a sense of pride, worth and self-esteem
  • to create a stimulating learning environment
  • to share work with parents and the wider community
  • to provide opportunities to review continuity and progression to staff by reviewing the work in each other’s rooms
  • to share information

We should be able to find the following types of display in our school:

  • ongoing work pictures/ photographs/ writing/ models/ charts and graphsprogression of work which shows the development and final productstarting points for topics which children can use for research, e.g. artefacts,
  • natural and made objects, pictures, books and photographs.
  • work showing a variety of techniques and media
  • dual language displays 
  • 3D
  • interactive

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