About us

North Beckton Primary School is a multi-cultural inclusive school, which promotes a safe, caring, challenging and creative environment.  We aim to develop independent, responsible pupils who have respect and environmental awareness, and are equipped with the skills needed to contribute positively to their community and be productive global citizens. We have high standards and expectations for ourselves and our pupils which are supported in partnership with our parents/carers.

The Staff and Governors are fully committed to providing the best education and opportunities for all pupils and I do hope that you and your child will fully support the aims and objectives of the school to ensure that their time at school is happy, successful and fulfilling. Successful schools are founded on the partnership between staff, parents and pupils.

In this website we have tried to give you ‘a flavour’ of North Beckton Primary School. Parents are always welcome into the school, where we will try to answer any worries or queries that you may have, so please feel free to come in and see us.

Mrs Manjit Rai OBE

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