North Beckton Primary School has an active governing body. We act as “a critical support function” to the school, providing strategic governance to ensure that all children receive the best possible education. The governing body meets as a whole group at least once a term and delegates its business to a range of committees, where appropriate.


What do we do?

The governing body has an important part to play in raising school standards through its three key roles:

  • setting strategic direction
  • ensuring accountability
  • monitoring and evaluating school performance

We have responsibility together with the leadership team for agreeing the policies for the general running of the school. Our role is crucial:

  • We fulfil statutory duties to ensure that the school is a safe, healthy and an inclusive environment
  • We ensure the school finances are in order by monitoring the school's budget on a regular basis
  • We provide support and challenge to the leadership team of the school on all issues that affect the learning and welfare of our pupils

The governing body is drawn from the staff of the school, the Local Education Authority, parents and the wider community that our school serves.

NamePositionEnd DateAppointed byNo. of meetings attended during 15-16Register/Pecuniary interests form
Lisa SpencerChair12/10/2019Co-opted Governor4/620161102103231.pdf
Anqi Guo17/05/2019Co-opted Governor5/62575_001.pdf
Simon Howes17/05/2019Co-opted Governor5/620161102103157.pdf
Marion May17/05/2019Co-opted Governor6/620161102103256.pdf
Andrew Mutter17/05/2019Co-opted Governor5/620161102103047.pdf
Jacqueline Withnall17/05/2019Co-opted Governor5/620161102103311.pdf
Sherine El-Damanawi Pratt12/05/2019Parent Governor5/620161102103104.pdf
Monika Kotwica12/05/2019Parent Governor5/620161102103139.pdf
Mohammad Shakir24/04/2017Parent Governor5/620161102103215.pdf
Sarah Issop24/04/2017Parent Governor2/220161102103122.pdf
Shreeraj LaturiaAuthority Governor3/320161102103028.pdf
Andy SmithAuthority GovernorN/A20161102103409.pdf
Antonia Simmonds24/04/2017Staff Governor2/220161102104757.pdf
Manjit RaiHead TeacherStaff Governor6/620161102104742.pdf

Finance, Premises & Staffing Committee

NamePositionEnd DateAppointed byNo of meetings attended 15-16
Jackie WithnallChair (FPS)17/05/2019Co-opted Governor7/7
Anqi GuoChair (GB until June'16)17/05/2019Co-opted Governor6/7
Lisa SpencerChair (GB from June'16)12/10/2019Co-opted Governor7/7
Sarah IssopVice Chair (GB)24/04/2017Parent Governor2/2

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