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Curwen Primary School


Year 2 at the Fire Station

During ‘Work Week’ Year 2 learnt about lots of different jobs in the community that involve helping and supporting others. All three classes then went to visit East Ham Fire Station and had the opportunity to ask questions and listen to safety rules. They even got to try using some of the equipment and explored the inside of a fire brigade. The children had a fantastic experience and were very inspired by all the jobs in the community that help look after others.

  • Year 2 fire

    Year 2 fire.jpg
    Year 2 fire
  • nb fire2

    nb fire2.jpg
    nb fire2
  • Nb Fire

    Nb Fire.jpg
    Nb Fire
  • NB fire 4

    NB fire 4.jpg
    NB fire 4
  • NB fire 3

    NB fire 3.jpg
    NB fire 3