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Curwen Primary School


Year 2 & Keeping Our Environment Safe

The children in Year 2 spent parts of 'Work Week' learning about the importance of keeping our environment safe. They learnt that they need to take responsibility in keeping their community clean and were eager to provide a service alongside their family, friends and local members of the community. The children went to the local Greenway and worked together with community members to help dispose of litter safely. They thoroughly enjoyed their experience and have expressed how keen they are to do more to help the local environment!

  • NB litter2

    NB litter2.jpg
    NB litter2
  • NB litter1

    NB litter1 .jpg
    NB litter1
  • NB litter

    NB litter.jpg
    NB litter
  • NB litter 6

    NB litter 6.jpg
    NB litter 6
  • NB litter 5

    NB litter 5.jpg
    NB litter 5
  • NB litter 4

    NB litter 4.jpg
    NB litter 4
  • NB litter 3

    NB litter 3.jpg
    NB litter 3