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Curwen Primary School


Literacy Stay and Play 

Reception parents were invited to literacy stay and play sessions all week. They had the opportunity to observe lessons and see the different techniques used to support children’s learning. Parents were able to take part in the activities with their children. ​

Lana’s mum:

Thank you very much for having us. The session was very useful. It made us aware of what we need to work on at home and also gave me new ideas to use. 

Zahir’s mum

I found the session very useful as it gave me an opportunity to get a good insight into how my son interacts at school. It was very informative.

Alan’s mum:

I am happy to have this opportunity to join the stay and play session. It was very nice to see how the teacher talks to the children and how she teaches new things. Thank you very much.


  • lit stay and play2

    lit stay and play2.JPG
    lit stay and play2
  • lit stay and play

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    lit stay and play
  • lit stay and play1

    lit stay and play1.JPG
    lit stay and play1