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Termly Updates & Photos

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  • Autumn 2: Making Bear Sandwiches

    Published 19/11/19
    We have been enjoying reading the story 'Can't You Sleep Little Bear?' so much  that we decided making our very own edible bears. They tasted delicious. Yum Yum!  
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  • Autumn 2: Big Outcome - Fireworks

    Published 19/11/19
    This week we have been learning about fireworks. We explored creating and sparklers fireworks using different materials.  We also discussed what fireworks we liked the best and the different noises we could hear on Bonfire Night. 
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  • Autumn 1: Big Outcome - Autumn

    Published 19/11/19
    This term we have been learning all about the changes we are seeing in Autumn. We had great fun making collages using leaves and exploring natural materials we are finding outside during this time of year.   
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  • Trip to Southend

    Published 22/07/19
    On Tuesday 16th July, the whole of Early Years went so Southend beach to celebrate the end of term. We had a great  time playing in the water, building sandcastles and eating ice cream.  
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  • Big Outcome - Our Transport

    Published 11/06/19
    This term, in reception we will be learning about different modes of transport. For our 'big outcome' this week, we had great time talking and drawing our favourite ways to travel.  Some of us enjoy travelling on buses whilst others pref
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  • Mini-Beasts

    Published 24/05/19
    To celebrate the end of our mini-beasts topic, reception had a great time dressing up as our favourite mini-beasts. We worked super hard making our costumes and learning songs about spiders and caterpillars! Our parents then joined us in
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  • Big Outcome - Decorating the Gingerbread Men

    Published 13/03/19
    Children learnt about the Gingerbread Man story. They decorated the Gingerbread Men using icing, sprinkles, raisins, chocolate buttons etc. We also celebrated World Book Day in the same day when we had the big outcome and the pupils came dressed u
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  • Visit to East Ham Fire Station

    Published 28/01/19
    Reception had a recent visit to the Fire Station in East Ham where they had a tour of the station, they were able to look at all the equipment, heard the fire bell, saw a fire fighter go down the pole, had a turn to use the hose and even had a c
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  • Big Outcome - Christmas

    Published 17/12/18
    Reception children were delighted learning about Christmas and singing Christmassy songs. As part of their learning they celebrated the big outcome drawing Christmas trees, decorations, snowmen and baubles on gigantic papers. There truly enjoyed this
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  • A Little Nativity

    Published 11/12/18
    On Monday 10th December 2018, Nursery and Reception proudly presented 'A little Nativity' to their families. The performances were a great success and thoroughly enjoyed by all that attended. Well done Early Years!  
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  • Big Outcome - Junk Modelling

    Published 28/11/18
    Reception children had an amazing time making their own rockets. They used a variety of plastic bottles, egg cartons, cereal boxes and other materials in order to make wonderful rockets. The pupils were very creative and had lots of fun.
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  • Great Reception Bake Off!

    Published 27/11/18
    Reception have been learning about the story ‘Rosie’s Walk’ and this week we decided to bake some bread. The children used flour, salt, water and also learnt how yeast helps the bread to rise. Reception enjoyed getting their hands s
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