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Curwen Primary School


After School Clubs

As a school, we are very keen that all children are given opportunities to develop their skills, interests and talents in different areas including academically, socially, creatively and in sports. As such, there are a number of different clubs that are run based around these key areas.

We are keen that all of our pupils are able to access after school clubs and therefore there are no financial charges to attend these. Clubs are well-supported by the school's staff as well as some third party partnerships. 

Please use the timetable below to know which day your child will have their club:

Clubs will resume in the following half-term.

After School Clubs: 2023 – 2024



Year 1&2 Year 3&4 Year 5&6

Football YR 4

Tuesday   Minfulness YR 1-3 Football YR 5-6 Girls 
Wednesday Phonics YR R Phonics YR 1 Maths YR 3-4

Football YR 5

    Computing YR 1-2

Sports YR 4-6


Choir YR 4-6


Computing YR 6

Friday     Art YR 3

Football YR 6

Clubs Timings : 3:20pm - 4:20pm