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Curwen Primary School



Attendance is very important at North Beckton therefore, each week the class with the best attendance receives a school cup, and any class that achieves 100% attendance for that week receive a special reward from Ms Helm.  A class certificate is also awarded to the class for the least number of lateness. Therefore, it is important that your child attends regularly and punctually. 

Good attendance and punctuality are essential to our pupils’ success at school. Your child should attend school each day unless he/she is absent through illness. All absences must be explained by the parent/guardian by using our Studybugs app or by phoning the school on the first day of absence by 9:00am. It is then important for the parent/carer to keep the school updated until your child returns to school.

If you haven’t already, please download the free Studybugs app by visiting your app store, and use it to tell us whenever your child is unwell and not able to attend school or if you are running late.  We also use this system to communicate with you regarding newsletters, events happening in the school and any important dates. 

When your child returns to school, medical evidence must be provided to authorise these absences. Please note that handwritten letters will not authorise absence.  

The expected level of attendance for Newham school children is at least 95%. Our school target is 96.3%.

PUNCTUALITY: Pupils need to arrive on time from 8:40-8:50am and should be collected promptly from their class at from 3:20-3.25pm. Any children arriving after 8:50am, or picked up after 3:25pm will be given a late mark. 

Year 5 and 6 pupils may make their own way home with parental consent and agreement from the class teacher. Nursery up to Year 4 must be collected by someone aged 16 or over unless you have consented otherwise.

Please also note that holidays during term time will not be authorised, and you may incur a fine by Newham Council. However, if you are due to travel please make sure that you have filled out a Term Time Leave form before you leave from the office.  Failure to do so may result in your child losing their school place.