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Curwen Primary School




 At North Beckton Primary School we are committed to promoting ‘ Positive Behaviour’ and therefore  supporting pupils’ to make their own choices with their behaviour and giving them opportunities to reflect and rectify any behaviour choices that go against the shared rules.

School Rules

These are widely displayed across the school and regularly shared with pupils and staff. They are discussed in class, assemblies and whenever the need arises.

  1. We listen to and follow instructions.
  2. We keep hands, feet and objects to ourselves.
  3. We come to class prepared and look after our equipment.
  4. We use appropriate voices during lessons.
  5. We treat each other with respect.
    • No name-calling.
    • We listen to each other’s opinion.
    • We say thank you.
  6. We work hard and always try our best.

Behaviour Strategies

Promoting Positive Behaviour

  • Special Events for  the winning team and extra playtime on Fridays.
  •  Gold, Silver and Bronze Winners Assembly
  • Stickers
  •  Head Teacher’s certificate in our Friday celebration assembly
  • Visiting members of SLT
  • Staying on green in the traffic lights
  • Children given roles and responsibilities
  • Children given the opportunity to represent the school in the wider community

The Traffic Light System

The ‘Traffic Light’ system functions in each of the classes. Children’s name cards are located on a green background at the start of the day. This represents a   ‘fresh start’ for all. Children will remain on the ‘green light’ if they do not misbehave. Misdemeanours result in one verbal warning prior to transition to ‘amber’ . Once on amber, children have the opportunity to redeem themselves by making good choices and being moved back onto green. However, if they are on amber and their negative behaviour continues, their name will go onto red. Serious incidents may result in immediate transition to the red ‘light’. Children on ‘red’ by lunchtime are sent to the Afternoon Restart Room on that day. A child on ‘red’ towards the end of the afternoon will attend the afternoon Restart session the following day, rather that attending for a reduced period of time on the same day.

Whilst we follow this system, if a child repeatedly moves from amber to green over a session the teacher will intervene and deal with the matter. For example, they may involve the Year Group Leader or a member of SLT.

Restart Room

Children sent to the Restart Room complete the work they are missing in the classroom. Children are encouraged to reflect on the school rules and how they can improve their behaviour. The amount of support needed depends on the age and maturity of each pupil. Children are generally in the Restart Room for one hour, after which they return to class. A letter informing the child’s parents/guardian is sent home.

Children with Special Educational Needs are not automatically put on this procedure; any negative behaviour is looked at and dealt with on an individual basis. This may involve the use of a reward chart or a meeting with parents to discuss strategies.

Children sent to the Restart Room three times in one half – term will be put on School Report and will not participate in school clubs for one week. Parents are informed by telephone that their child will be placed on report and a meeting usually takes place between the parent and a member of staff to explain the report process. We set mutual target and reward, so children see home and school working together. Their behaviour is then monitored throughout the day by the class teacher and the record of this is shown to a member of the SLT for signature and discussion on behaviour. Children stay on report until their behaviour improves.

If a child does not revisit the Restart Room for a period of two weeks, a letter of commendation is sent to the child’s parents/guardian.