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Curwen Primary School



Pupils are expected to behave respectfully towards all other pupils and adults, whether in the classroom, playground or during educational visits. Our behaviour policy outlines the high expectations for good behaviour and it is used throughout the school.

A reward system encourages and promotes good behaviour, whilst inappropriate behaviour is dealt with through a series of consequences. We have a zero tolerance policy for bullying and racist behaviour and should a situation arise it is dealt with promptly.

Our school rules

  1. We listen to and follow instructions.
  2. We keep hands, feet and objects to ourselves.
  3. We come to class prepared and look after our equipment.
  4. We use appropriate voices during lessons.
  5. We treat each other with respect.
    • No name-calling.
    • We listen to each other’s opinion.
    • We say thank you.
  6. We work hard and always try our best.

Good Behaviour

Pupils are rewarded for good behaviour through team points, star of the week, verbal praise and celebrating during achievement assembly.Team points are awarded for good behaviour and academic achievements.They are added up each week and announced at Friday assemblies 
Twice yearly, pupils with the most team points receive Bronze, Silver or Gold certificates. 

In Nursery children take home their special key worker animal to look after at the weekend. They can then share all their stories and pictures with their friends when they return on the Monday.