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Curwen Primary School


P.E and School Sport Events

At North Beckton, we provide a broad and varied range of physical activities from Nursery to Year 6; this is so that all our pupils can develop a variety of basic movement skills, an understanding of different sports and develop essential teamwork qualities. We are keen that all our pupils develop a love of exercise and an understanding of healthy lifestyles whilst with us at North Beckton so that they can take these essential life skills with them to their secondary schools and into adult life.

All pupils from Reception to Year 6 have two hours of P.E per week with additional after-school sports clubs and lunchtime activities offered. In Key Stage 1, pupils master basic movements including running, jumping, throwing and catching, as well as developing agility, balance and co-ordination (ABC’s). This develops further in Key Stage 2, where pupils continue to apply and develop a broader range of skills, learn how to use them in different ways and how to link them to create actions and sequences of movement. These fundamental skills are developed through teaching gymnastics, dance, multi-skills and games.

In Key Stage 2, pupils also have the opportunity to develop their teamwork and communication skills through outdoor adventurous activities, including opportunities to stay away from home through residential visits in the Lake District and Fairplay House, Essex. During these stays, they undertake activities such as caving, orienteering, water sports and high rope courses to help develop their resilience and build their self-esteem. Year 6 pupils also receive two weeks of intensive swimming lessons in June to enable them to develop their swimming skills ahead of moving to secondary school.

All pupils at North Beckton get the opportunity to learn to ride a bike; this starts in EYFS with balance-bikes and progressing up to Key Stage Two, pupils undertake their Bikeability Level 1 and Level 2 in order to be able to cycle safely on the roads around our community.

We are part of the TTLT Sports Hub and aim to give all pupils the opportunity to represent our school in at least one sports competition or festival each year. Pupils will also have the opportunity to experience inter- and intra- school competitions as they progress through the school, including during their PE lessons and in lunchtime competitions.

We ask that our North Beckton PE Kit is worn for all PE Lessons, sports clubs and physical activities. Our PE Kit consists of a sky blue polo shirt, navy or black bottoms and trainers or plimsolls and is available to purchase online or through our school office.

North Beckton are the Spring Term winners as we have completed and collected the most league points out of the schools that have entered for the Spring Term! We also sit 4th in the overall league table!


Autumn Term - 2023 

Baseball Festival 

On Friday 22nd September, 10 Year 6 pupils were given the opportunity to attend a Baseball Festival at Ranelagh Primary School. This was the official launch of the brand-new baseball diamond that is situated in Ranelagh's playground and the launch of the brand new Ranelagh Rockets baseball team.

Look out for future information on the Ranelagh Rockets and events that will be taking place at Ranelagh primary school.

TTLT Girls Football 

On Friday 29th September, 10 Year 5/6 girls represented North Beckton at the TTLT Girls Football Competition at Memorial Park. Filled with an afternoon of football, fun and laughter, the girls returned with a bronze medal after placing 3rd in their group.

What a way to kick off our Girls Football Team campaign!

Panathlon Ten-Pin Bowling 

On Tuesday 3rd October we saw six of our Year 4 pupils attend a Panathlon Ten-Pin Bowling Tournament at The O2 Arena! From beginning to end, the event was filled with fun and laughter, with pupils successfully knocking over the skittles left, right and centre. Some of the pupils even managed to get a STRIKE!

What a great day for our Year 4 bowlers!

Spring Term - 2024 

Panathlon Multi-Sports  

On Friday 23rd February, we saw 6 pupils from our Year 4 classes attend a Panathlon Multi-Sports tournament. 

The pupils successfully took part in playing a range of activities.  The children came in 2nd place which is an excellent achievement.  Well done to them all. 

Girls Football Tournament  

On Thursday 14th March, 10 Yr 5/6 pupils attended a Girls Football Tournament held at West Ham Foundation! They played a number of games against a range of schools across the borough. They worked really hard and managed to work well together and showcased their skills/talents as female footballers.

As well as this, Premier League Primary Stars has provided our Girls Football team with a brand-new football kit which debuted at this tournament.  How exciting!

Gymnastics Competition 

On Friday 15th March, our North Beckton Yr 3 Gymnastics Team competed in a TTLT Gymnastics Competition hosted by Curwen Primary School. The pupils had to use and include a range of techniques and movements to create a gymnastics sequence.

Our North Beckton Gymnasts, part-time secret agents, performed a short sequence to the infamous James Bond theme tune. Not only did they compete, but WON their tournament and were the OVERALL WINNERS for the whole competition.  

Excellent achievement Year 3 and huge congratulations!!

Summer Term - 2024 

Girls Football Competition 

On Friday 3rd May, 10 Year 5/6 girls attended a football competition at Memorial Park. They competed in multiple games against other girls teams from schools across the trust. Despite the rain, the girls were able to power through and enjoyed their football competition. 

Accordion Title 

On Friday 17th May, 11 of our Yr 5 & 6 Boys and Girls participated in a recent basketball competition, held at UEL SportsDock, showcasing their exceptional dedication and teamwork. Each player demonstrated relentless effort, contributing to a cohesive and dynamic team performance. Their collaboration on the court was evident as they supported each other, executed strategic plays, and maintained a high level of energy throughout the tournament. Their hard work paid off spectacularly, as they triumphed over every team they faced. Ultimately, their unwavering commitment and superb collaboration led them to emerge as champions, a well-deserved victory for a truly outstanding team.

UEL Sport In Your Future Event 

On Wednesday 22nd May, 6H had the fantastic opportunity to attend a Sport In Your Future event at UEL Sports Dock, which focused on being physically active and healthy eating. The pupils took part in 3 sporting activities, including cricket, basketball and skipping. As well as this, they took part in a seminar on healthy eating which required them to provide advice as well as solutions to healthy eating problems.  What a great day! 

Dynamo Cricket Festival  

On Friday 24th May, our Yr 5/6 boys competed in a Dynamo Cricket Festival at West Ham Park. They played 4 games against opposing schools and worked really hard to earn their 3rd place position in their group. Well done!

Sports Day - EYFS 

On Tuesday 11th June, we saw our EYFS pupils come together for their annual Sports Day event! The theme was based around the upcoming Paris Olympics, therefore all the children were allocated a colour (blue, red, yellow or green). Many of the children designed their own flags and banners in support of their friends and classmates throughout Sports Day!

The day consisted of a carousel of activities ranging from target throwing, standing long jump, a variety of running races and an obstacle course! There was even a parents race!

Thank you to all the EYFS parents/carers, friends and family for coming along and getting involved, celebrating our pupils, sport and being physically active!


Sports Day - KS2 

On Wednesday 12th June, we saw our KS2 pupils come together for their annual Sports Day event! The theme was based around the upcoming Paris Olympics, therefore all of the children were allocated a colour (black, blue, red, green or yellow) that makes up the Olympic Rings.

The day consisted of a carousel of activities ranging from target throwing to a water challenge. The children also took part in running races where we celebrated our bronze, silver and gold medallists from each of the year groups!

Year 3 medallists:

Bronze: Kevin & Elliza

Silver: Abdul & Sophie

Gold: Christian & Alexandra

Year 4 medallists:

Bronze: Mason & Inayah

Silver: Elijah & Aurora

Gold: Keita & Farrah

Year 5 medallists:

Bronze: Kaiden, Alyssa & Leona

Silver: Jason & Imaan

Gold: Emmanuel & Kelly

Year 6 medallists:

Bronze: Aaron & Kristin

Silver: Michael & Precious

Gold: Fodil & Bethel

A HUGE THANK YOU to all the parents/carers, friends and families that came along and joined in celebrating sports and our pupils at North Beckton!

Sports Day - KS1


Girls Active Baseball Festival 

On Thursday 13th June, 12 of our KS2 girls took part in a Girls Active Baseball Festival. They each had a game of baseball, practised their striking and fielding skills as well as worked as a team to understand the rules of baseball. Their hardwork and determination paid off and they were awarded a BRONZE medal.

Well done to our North Beckton girls!


Baseball Festival 

Friday the 14th June saw 2 of our Yr 5 & 6 boys and girls take part in a baseball festival at Memorial Park. They competed against other schools in the TTLT and their hard work, teamwork and communication earned them a BRONZE medal!

Well done North Beckton!


Swimming Gala  

On Monday 24th June, 10 of our Yr 5 & 6s competed in a Swimming Gala held at East Ham Leisure Centre. Each of the pupils competed in their own individual swims as well as the finals and relay swims too.

A number of our pupils have won multiple Gold, Silver and Bronze medals, coming 3rd and winning Bronze overall.  Well done North Beckton!