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Curwen Primary School


School Council

Our School Council is made up of 14 children. Each of the classes from Year 2 to 6 voted for a class representative. These children have a very important role to play in the school. These are some of the things they do:

  • They meet on a weekly basis to discuss how to improve the school so that it is a happy and safe place for everyone. They talk to their classes and find out any problems the children may have or things they want to change in the school.  All items that our pupils wish to discuss are recorded in the class School Council books and then shared at our meetings. As a whole council, we discuss the issues and then try to think of solutions.
  • Sometimes we have visitors to our school and then it is the School Council's responsibility to make the visitors feel welcome, to show them around and to help them during their visit.
  • During the year the School Council choose some local, national and global charities to support. They vote on how to raise money for these charities through activities that are fun for everyone to get involved with.

     Summer 1 - School Council - meeting with Mr Tims and visit to City Hall: