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Curwen Primary School


School Song

The school song was conceived by a group of teachers at the school in 2005, as a way of celebrating our unique identity and vision of what a school should mean to its pupils. It started as a collaboration between Dave Willetts, James Tancock and Kelly Bibbey, with Dave writing the bulk of the lyrics and James composing the music.


This recording was made in November 2007, with James playing all the instruments and children from the whole school singing, led by the choir.

We all belong

There is a place
Where we all belong,
Where we care for each other
And we all get along,
A place to grow, a place to work and play
Together we can make a brighter day

So come on everybody, come on and sing along North Beckton is the place where we are safe 
And we are strong
So come on everybody and join in with our song,
North Beckton is the place we all belong.

There is a place
where we all can shine,
Where we can build a future
It’s your and it’s mine,
A place to learn
We all can play our part,
North Beckton we will hold you in our heart