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Curwen Primary School



Name Job Title
Paul Harris Acting Executive Headteacher
Alison Helm Acting Headteacher and SLT
Bal Kettory Deputy Headteacher, Curriculum Standards & Assessment and SLT 
Michelle Olorunfe-Ojo Deputy Headteacher, Inclusion Manager, SENCO, Designated Safeguarding Lead and SLT
Florence Nebo Assistant Headteacher Key Stage 1, NQT Lead and SLT
Louise Ramage Assistant Headteacher Key Stage 2, Pupil Premium Lead and SLT
Natalija Girzade Assistant Headteacher EYFS &Forest School Leader, Nursery Class Teacher and SLT
Kim Tran Reception Lead & Class Teacher and Music Leader (Mat Leave)
Laura Howe Reception Class Teacher
Hafiza Mulla Reception Class Teacher 
Voichita Badea Reception Class Teacher
Nana Akwa Adapted Group/Nursery Class Teacher and Assistant Maths Leader
Sadia Khadam Year 1 Leader, Class Teacher and ICT Leader
Chloe Dwelly Year 1 Teacher
Gemma Pomfret Year 1 Teacher and PSHE Leader
Alina Popa Year 1 Support Teacher
Vinisha Kurup Year 2 Leader, Class Teacher and Pupil Voice Leader
Fahmeda Ahmed Year 2 Class Teacher and DT Leader
Aishah Khan Year 2 Class Teacher 
Nazmin Akhtar Year 2 Support Teacher
Jazel Mesina Year 3 Leader, Class Teacher and Humanities Leader
Danny McCloskey Year 3 Class Teacher
James Rowell Year 3 Class Teacher and Art Leader
Barry Barnard Year 4 Leader, Class teacher and RE&Collective Worship Leader
Alex Dalton Year 4 Class Teacher
Inga Vosyliene Year 4 Class Teacher
Sophie Donovan Year 5 Leader, Class Teacher and Science Leader
Mike Wood Year 5 Class Teacher
Anna Malone Year 5 Class Teacher
Sev Dereli Year 6 Leader, Class Teacher and Maths Leader
Sarah Wilcox Year 6 Class Teacher and English Leader
Graham Sparrowhawk PE Leader
Dave Willetts Curriculum Support SEN Teacher
Charley Goldsmith Class Teacher and English Writing Leader (Mat Leave)
Rosina Junco Heredero Reading Recovery Trainer and EAL Leader


Name Job Title
Fahmeda Khan HLTA
Linda Maule HLTA
Zoheen Ramzan HLTA (Mat Leave)
Maria Rodriguez HLTA
Rizwana Sahlejee HLTA
Julie Wickens HLTA

Nursery Nurses

Name Job Title
Tanzeela Khan Nursery Nurse
Kieleigh Heath Nursery Nurse
Michelle Davis Nursery Nurse
Margaret Sullivan Nursery Nurse and Full First Aider

Class Based Support Staff

Name Job Title
Rabia Zaman Ali Teaching Assistant - Nursery
Shamaila Ahmed Teaching Assistant - Nursery
Tsveta Aleksandrova Teaching Assistant - Reception
Inga Jaruseviaene Teaching Assistant - Reception
Tanjina Begum Teaching Assistant - Year 1
Sheleena Begum Teaching Assistant - Year 1 (Full First Aider)
Pooma Ragavan Teaching Assistant - Year 2
Nicholas Taylor Teaching Assistant - Year 2
Mary Dunney Teaching Assistant - Year 3
Carol McCann Teaching Assistant - Year 3
Lisa Brace Teaching Assistant - Year 4
Nancy Kirby Teaching Assistant - Year 5/6
Chanel Barnard Teaching Assistant - Year 5/6 and Librarian
Sarah Hulme Teaching Assistant - Year 5/6
Frederica Drewer Teaching Assistant - Year 5/6
Lynn Greenleaf Teaching Assistant - EAL Support

Inclusion Support Staff

Name Job Title 
Hema Vyas Teaching Assistant - Reception
Niru Lathigra Teaching Assistant - Reception
Tyler Ross Teaching Assistant - Reception
Gemma Axford Teaching Assistant - Year 1
Judith Butler Teaching Assistant - Year 1 (Full First Aider)
Nichola Roft Teaching Assistant - Year 2
Linda Nembhard Teaching Assistant - Year 2
Darja Cernikova Teaching Assistant - Year 2
Lindsey Ives Teaching Assistant - Year 2
Gulshanara Begum Teaching Assistant - Year 3
Julia Porter Teaching Assistant - Year 3
Jennifer Camara Teaching Assistant - Year 4
Jacqueline Ovens Teaching Assistant - Year 4
Belinda Marcus Teaching Assistant - Year 4
Rene Kupara Teaching Assistant - Year 4
Denise Abrahams Teaching Assistant - Year 4
Elaine Walker Teaching Assistant - Year 5/6
Sue Chesterman Teaching Assistant - Year 5/6
Angie Hurst Teaching Assistant - Year 5/6
Francoise Makuzulu Teaching Assistant - Year 5/6
Louisa Vaughan Teaching Assistant - Year 5/6

Resource Provision Support Staff

Name Job Title
Dhurata Alimi Teaching Assistant
Sareetha Nunhokee Teaching Assistant
Joanne McGeoghan Teaching Assistant
Kim Orpin Teaching Assistant

Pastoral Team

Name Job Title
Linda Harris Learning Mentor and Behaviour Support
Roszeea Omer Family Liaison Officer and Attendance Leader
Hamzah Younis Teaching Assistant and Behaviour Support

Sports Team

Name Job Title
Ashley Hill Sports Coach (Full First Aider)
Evans Kouassi Sports Coach and Teaching Assistant


Office Staff

Name Job Title
Taz Mansuria School Business Manager and SLT
Rozina Rashid Office Manager and Finance Officer
Rahima Begum Admin Officer
Harriette Lascelles Admin Officer
Fatima Janneh Office Apprentice
Wayne McLaughlin Site Supervisor
Keith Boothe ICT Technician

Lunch Time Support

Name Job Title
Linda Nembhard Midday Assistant and First Aider
Margaret Kiahoun Midday Assistant and First Aider
Tracey Sturgeon Midday Assistant and First Aider
Lily Khanom Midday Assistant and First Aider
Rashida Ali Midday Assistant and First Aider
Aida Jimenez Arias Midday Assistant
Nichola Roft Midday Assistant and First Aider
Rabia Zaman-Ali Midday Assistant and First Aider
Gemma Axford Midday Assitant and First Aider
Rene Kupara Midday Assistant
Deborah Smith Midday Assistant
Parminder Dhani Midday Assistant