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Curwen Primary School


Time 4 Us

At North Beckton, our 'A time for Us' curriculum has been developed to ensure our pupils receive an outstanding person, social and health education which is tailored to meet their needs. We believe that these lessons are an integral and essential part of the children's learning at North Beckton. We are equipping our children with the knowledge and understanding that they need in order for them to be resilient, health and safe individuals; not just today, but tomorrow and for the rest of their lives, both in school, at hme and in the outside world.

We want our pupils to be healthy individuals, both physically and mentally. The wellbeing of our pupils' mental health is paramount to us. We endeavour to ensure that they know what being healthy both 'looks' and 'feels' like and that they know what to do, or who to ask for help, if they have concerns about either their own or others' physical or mental health. We are working in partnership with Newham Headstart to build our pupils' resilience through targeted individual support and bounce back days across the school.

We encourage our children to build and maintain a variety of positive relationships with the peers and adults around them, and to understand what a positive, healthy relationship is. We support them to recognise and manage the various feelings and emotions they may experience throughout different relationships and when and where to go to for help and support if they need it.

The pupils' spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is at heart of our learning with both a curriculum and school ethos that promotes respect, equality, acceptance and tolerance with a view that 'We all belong'!. Out lessons are age appropriate and are respectful of the varying backgrounds of our pupils.

We have embedded the Philosophy for Children approach into our curriculum, which enhances pupils' thinking and communication skills, as well as boosting confidence and self-esteem. Out aim is to develop out pupils into critical, caring, creative and collaborative thinkers who are able to share their views and opinions, as well as justifying their reasons why.

Our 'A Time for Us' Curriculum really gives our pupils a time to think, to talk and to listen whilst being valued and respected by all. Our pupils are given every opportunity to develop the skills they need to ensure that they are well prepared individuals, are determined to succeed both now and in their future, both in school and in the wider world.