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Curwen Primary School


Week Beginning 15/06/2020

Summer 2 Week 3 Orange Class Home Learning


Reading Comprehension

Simple Lifeycle of a Butterfly

The cautious caterpillar cut and stick diary sequencing activity 1

The butterfly life cycle questions symbol supported

The Lifecycle of a Butterfly symbol supported

The cautious caterpillar butterfly life cycle differentiated reading comprehension activity

Cody the Caterpillar Reading Comp Symbol Supported L1

Cody the Caterpillar Reading Comp Symbol Supported L2

The cautious caterpillar differentiated reading comprehension activity

Think, Say, Feel

Think, Say, Feel word mat

The cautious caterpillar think say feel differentiated activity sheets

Writing about the Life Cycle of a Butterfly

Butterfly life cycle powerpoint

Butterfly Life Cycle Sentence Writing Activity Sheet lower

Butterfly life cycle word mat mini-beasts

Life cycle of a butterfly - Higher writing activities



Maths-Mat 1 Higher Ability

Maths-Mat 2 Higher Ability

Maths-Mat 3 Higher Ability


Maths activity mats

Fine Motor

Handprint Fly Craft Instructions

Fingerprint Mini-beast Garden Craft Instructions

Paper Plate Spider Craft Instructions

Paper Bowl Ladybird Craft Instructions

Paper Bowl Bee Craft Instructions

Paper Plate Spider Web With Handprint Spider Craft Instructions

Butterfly Hand Print- Craft Sheet

Butterfly Hand Print-Craft Cards

Butterfly Shapes - Craft Sheet

Butterfly Shapes - Craft Cards

Minibeast Pebbles- Craft Cards

Minibeast Pebbles- Craft Sheet

Minibeast Photo Flash Cards

Paper Plate Butterfly-Craft Cards

Paper Plate Butterfly-Craft Sheet


Make your own wormery outdoor activity

Making a wormery sequencing activity sheet

Making a wormery step by step instructions

Plants and flowers hunt sheet

What to feed worms in a wormery display posters

Worms and wormery care display facts posters


Fruit Pizzas Recipe

Simple Snack Basic Visuals and Writing Activities (1)

Emotional Regulation

My choice editable behaviour chart

Stories about self regulation activity sheet

When i'm angry, I can -Choice cards