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Curwen Primary School


Week Beginning 27/04/2020

Home Learning 27/04/2020

Free Virtual Educational Theatre Performances



Additional English Grammar - Direct & Reported Speech

Additional English Grammar - Practice Direct & Reported Speech

Additional English Grammar - Practice Questions

English Grammar Challenge - Speech Mark Usage

English No 3 Grammar - Commas

English No 4 Grammar - Verbs in the Past Tense

SPAG Skills Challenge


Challenge - William Wordsworth 'There-was-a-Boy' Reading Comprehension

English Chapter 3 Oliver Twist Reading Comprehension

Spelling & Grammar

Spelling and Handwriting Practice


English No 1 Poetry Terms

English No 2 Types of Poetry


Length Input, Activities & Challenges

Activity 1

Activity 2 Converting mm/cm/m

Activity 3 Converting Measurements

Activity 4 Word Problems

Challenging Length Word Problems

Converting Length Practice

Converting Measurements - Length

Converting units of length

Measuring length

Range of Length Word Problems

Who is the tallest

Mass Input, Activities & Challenges

Activity 2 Grams & Kilograms

Activity 5 Mass Word Problems

Converting Mass Measurements

Additional Maths Challenges

Converting Measures Length & Mass

Did you know - Challenge

Fun Measurements Activities

Weight Capacity & Length Conversion Posters


Human Impact on the Environment Input & Activities

Science Extra Challenge - Polluted River Survey

Science Extra Activity - Chopping Trees

Science Extra Identifying Pollution Worksheet

Foundation Subjects

ArtPatterns Input, Activities & Challenges

Computing - Additional computing learning ideas

History - Victorian School Days Input, Activities & Challenges

Similarities & Differences between my life at school & a Victorian child

Research Support Information

PE - PE with Joe Wicks

RE - St Francis of Assisi Input, Activities & Challenges